AKA & Anatii – Be Careful What You Wish For (Album Tracklist)

Two South African giant rappers, AKA and Anatii merge on the brand new joint project called Be Careful What You Wish For. The sixteen track album sidelines every other recording art of South Africa except the two artists involve.

Album Tracklist;

1. Jesus Plug
2. Jerusalem
3. 10 Fingers
4. Science and Faith
5. Long Road to Heaven
6. Holy Matrimony
7. 2 Horsemen
8. Crossroad
9. Don’t Forget to Pray
10. Palms on Holy Book
12. Amen
13. The Prince of Egypt
14. Sinners
15. It’s Not Even Christmas(Christmas Carols)
16. God Bless Anatii And AKA

Available on Friday 14th of July 2017…. Stay Glued!


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