Ryan Hyacinth (right) and his colleagues meet with Rafa Benitez toward the finish of the Newcastle United’s 1892 Foundation Cup |

Celestine Babayaro’s 10-Year-Old Son Is Set To Becoming ‘The Next Lionel Messi’

Newcastle United Manager, Rafael Benitez has allegedly welcomed Ryan Hyacinth, child of previous Magpies safeguard, Celestine Babayaro to the club’s institute.

This was following 10-year-old Ryan rose the Most Valuable Player in a little sided football rivalry sorted out by Newcastle United’s 1892 Foundation for schools at the Tyneside.

Ryan helped his school, Cambois Primary School, Northumberland win the Competition.

The previous Nigeria International’s child, Ryan, awed the Spaniard amid a Newcastle United Foundation 1892 Cup on Tuesday. In the wake of accepting Ryan, Benitez said he trusted the confounding dribbler turns into “the new Messi.”

“The thought is to keep the association between the club and the group, it would be incredible if the club produced a player on the back of one of the Foundation’s courses.

“It’s not the principle thought but rather in the meantime you gone over one ability no one thought about. And afterward, perhaps, he will be the new Messi,” Benitez said.

Ryan’s dad, Celestine Babayaro, played for Newcastle in the vicinity of 2008 and 2008 in the wake of burning through eight seasons at Chelsea.

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